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Private Dance Classes in Dubai | Best Private Dance Classes Near Me

VR Danceworld with Shan & Raj is the best place in Jabel Ali – Dubai to learn private dance lessons. With them, you can take classes for Salsa, Jive or any other type of Latin American style that your heart desires! You’ll be able teach yourself what it takes and get those moves down without worrying about not following along correctly since they tailor each lesson specifically for beginners as well as advanced level students.

Private dance classes for couples, solo or smaller groups for Salsa, Jive, Bachata, Tango, Bollywood or even wedding dance lessons are taught in VR Danceworld by experienced artists.


Rajeswari’s expertise lies in the Latin American dance Styles. Her methods of teaching help students pick up better and faster because they have been developed from years spent working with children, young adults as well as professional dancers from around world who practice these styles on a regular basis.

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Private Dance Lessons offered by VR DANCE WORLD Are:

We also teach Latin Jazz and Bollywood in freestyle genre

Rajeswari always believes “Mediocracy is not an option” and never goes easy on students. She creates a fun environment for people of all levels to learn in, with plenty going on at each session that will keep you interested from start to finish!
With Private dance lessons available we cater both beginners as well advanced learners alike. Our strength lies primarily delivering maximum output within the shortest amount time possible.  We equip your body confidence so when stepping onto those crowded floors or performing live during competitions – You can hit them like nobody

Why do one need Private Dance Classes?

Best Private Dance Classes in Dubai
Top Group Dance Classes In Dubai
Best Dance Classes In Dubai

Personal Dance Trainer Near Me | Jabel Ali - Dubai

Why choose Personal Dance trainer in Dubai? Private dance lessons help you to get a personal attention and schedule dance lessons at your time. Also, we have a lady dance trainer for training Private Salsa Dance LessonsPrivate Jive Dance Lessons, Personal Bollywood Dance Classes. Also we provide the best wedding dance lessons.

A unique approach to dance: Learn with a Personal Trainer!  This way, you’ll be able to get the attention and schedule that suits your needs during private lessons at any time.

We are located in Jabel Ali – Dubai, for enquiry call on +971 55 683 239

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you offer private dance lessons?
    Yes, we offer individual dance lessons as well as group private dance classes. Email us with what goals and style(s) would make the best use out learning from one on-site session (individual)
  2. What is the time duration of each class?
    Each class time duration is around 50 min, including 5min warm-up and break.
  3. Who all can attend the private dance lessons?
    Private Dance lessons can be taken by anyone of any age group.
  4. Which is better Private lessons or Group Lessons?
    There’s no one-size fits all when it comes to learning how dance. Some people want the most personalized instruction possible and they’ll go at their own pace in private lessons, while other prefer group classes with others who are just as committed but lack some skills or knowledge of technique so they can learn from more experienced dancers alike! It’s up you: do what suits YOU best.
  5. Do you provide choreography for weddings?
    Yes, we do provide private choreography dance lessons for wedding & other events as well.

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Nick Bueckle
Nick Bueckle
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We’re now 2 sessions in and made More Progress than I would’ve expected. Shannon & Raj are giving their best to help us improve. We’re always excited to join the classes because it’s a lot of fun! I can only recommend to do this...the value you’re getting here is amazing and you can truly feel that they want you to see make fast progress! Love it! 5 starts!!! 🙂
Sam Fold
Sam Fold
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Shannon and Raj are both super lovely people and great teachers. I’ve only been learning with them for a short time and feel like I’ve improved a lot in that period. I was slightly hesitant at first but they made me feel comfortable and now I feel much more confident. The classes are fun and we always end up having a laugh and I look forward to my lessons. Recommended!
Jing Li
Jing Li
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Very patient and experienced dancing coaches! I enjoy the music and atmosphere there. In general the experience is super relaxing, and l learnt to discover the other side of myself there! Highly recommend
Ilona Win
Ilona Win
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Очень хорошие и терпеливые преподаватели. С пониманием относятся к студентам. Замечают ошибки и тщательно работаю над тем движением, которое не получается. (Translated by Google) Very good and patient teachers. They treat students with understanding. I notice mistakes and work carefully on the movement that does not work.
Nuria Ramirez
Nuria Ramirez
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Shannon and Raj are very good professionals. I learnt a lot of Bachata in a short period of time. They are very patient and have great teaching skills. They are very warm and welcoming. I definitely recommend them for any level of Bachata and Salsa.

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