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Are you looking for Salsa Dance Classes in Dubai or Salsa Classes Near Me? Looking for best couple dance lessons in Dubai, then VR Dance world is the best class to provide you with training and tutorials for salsa. Salsa dance is a popular form of social dance originating from the United States of America U.S.A regions of New York and Puerto Rico and Cuban folk dances.

Salsa dance socials are commonly held in night clubs, bars, ballrooms, restaurants, and outside, especially when part of an outdoor festival.


Enjoy Private Salsa Lessons in VR Danceworld.

We offer group as well as individual lessons from top Salsa professionals. Salsa Dance has become one of most popular dances today.

You can easily find plenty of socials and salsa parties in every city, wherever you go. To be a part of the party and perform Salsa, you need to learn Salsa from Salsa Dance Classes. The greatest thing is that anyone can learn how to dance salsa. There is a well-known saying — if you can walk, you can master Salsa.

Our Salsa Beginners class gives you a taste of this Latin American global dance phenomenon. You will learn the essential Salsa Dance steps, in a fun, energetic and sociable environment.

Practicing your moves by rotating partners and being challenged (just enough) to push yourself further. No matter how nervous you feel on your first night, by the end of the course you’ll be Salsa dancing with style.

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Why you should take Salsa Dance Lessons?

Salsa is our main dance style. As Salsa is a frequent and vibrant dance with dynamic partner work that involves footwork and powerful body movement, it makes it one of the most popular dance styles around the world including Dubai.

At our Dance classes in Dubai Media City, we teach a mix of LA and New York salsa styles, salsa routines, and salsa combos focusing on leading and following techniques, man and lady styling, and dance skills to help you progress to the next level.

Do you provide Private Salsa Dance Lessons?

Yes! If you are a working couple and won’t be able to match the timing for the dance classes, you can enroll for salsa private dance lessons. You get the benefits of getting trained from world’s best dance champion in Dubai. If you are a beginner or intermediate and want to upgrade your skills, you can join for Private Dance Lessons and you will be trained on your desired time and desire locations.

13-60+ can be trained to learn salsa dance forms. If you have a group of people at your place and want to learn Salsa, you can contact us and book an appointment to learn Salsa Dance Classes Privately.

Top Group Dance Classes In Dubai
Best Dance Classes In Dubai
Best Private Dance Classes in Dubai

At VR Dance world we offer the finest and most practical salsa courses and salsa drop-in classes. Being one of the top Dance Classes in Dubai our Salsa Instructors teach the proper salsa techniques that will make you shine on the dance floor in the shortest time possible.

Our regular Salsa Courses and Private Salsa Dance are designed based on a structured dance syllabus and dance curriculum that takes you from beginner level to improver level to intermediate level all the way to advance level with a practical and realistic timeframe and give you the confidence to enjoy the best partner dance on the dance floor.

Your commitment to attend our dance classes will reflect on your quick dancing progress and you will feel extremely satisfied with your style, moves, footwork, and body coordination with salsa music.

Do you provide any other dance form classes?

Yes, we provide many other dance form classes for example:-

  • Bachata Dance Classes
    If you’re looking for top bachata dance classes in Dubai, to learn basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of bachata dance forms, do try our demo classes. So whether If you want to start a group or private or even kid’s dance classes, VR Dance World is the perfect place for you!
  • Jive Dance Classes
    If you are seeking the Best Dance Classes For Jive Dance In Dubai, do not worry, we have been one of the best. Well, if you are wondering what is jive dance & How to learn it? It is the fastest Latin dance form, and it can be very challenging for one’s stamina. It can have a profound effect on your endurance and fitness levels. And you can learn at VR Dance World which has been one of the best dance classes in Dubai.

and many other dance forms like- Cha Cha dance classes, Argentine Tango Dance Classes, We even have dance classes for kids, Our Vr dance World Dance Studios Provide all kinds of dance just search Dance Classes near me.

Shannon And Rajeswari Dancing on Salsa

Frequently Asked Questions

The point that you are reading this FAQ itself proves that there is a dancer within you just waiting for a boost to start. So it is time to take your first step towards salsa dance with the best salsa dance class around i.e VRDanceworld. Just enroll yourself with the dance class & we shall take care to bring out & train the dancer within you.

Our Salsa Beginners class gives you a taste of this global dance phenomenon. You will learn the essential Salsa dance steps in a fun, energetic, and sociable environment, making you love dancing! If at all you still have any concerns you are just a call away from us – +971 55 683 2395

Dancing is about movement and enjoying yourself. We recommend wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable keeping in mind that it allows you to be flexible & not restricting your movement for salsa dance as well as keeping you relaxed at the same time.

For shoes it is better to avoid stilettos or shoes with sharp heels as those are not comfortable to dance in, It would also be helpful to wear shoes that won’t slip off or grip the floor as you need to be able to slide along the floor smoothly. Dance shoes are recommended but only after you wish to continue dancing for a few months at least.

You don’t need a partner for coming to the dance class. One of our experienced teachers will lead you at every step of the way. Additionally, you can partner up with one of your fellow students in our group classes. After all, Salsa being a social dance form we rotate partners so that you have the opportunity to experience leading and following with different partners, making you more confident with your moves.

We can let you attend an alternative class in case you miss a class. If you miss a class at our The Green/The Lakes venue, you may attend an alternative class at Business Bay and vice versa on different days if space allows. Please call +971 55 683 2395 in advance to arrange your alternative class.

Our Location For Salsa Dance Classes

Nick Bueckle
Nick Bueckle
Read More
We’re now 2 sessions in and made More Progress than I would’ve expected. Shannon & Raj are giving their best to help us improve. We’re always excited to join the classes because it’s a lot of fun! I can only recommend to do this...the value you’re getting here is amazing and you can truly feel that they want you to see make fast progress! Love it! 5 starts!!! 🙂
Sam Fold
Sam Fold
Read More
Shannon and Raj are both super lovely people and great teachers. I’ve only been learning with them for a short time and feel like I’ve improved a lot in that period. I was slightly hesitant at first but they made me feel comfortable and now I feel much more confident. The classes are fun and we always end up having a laugh and I look forward to my lessons. Recommended!
Jing Li
Jing Li
Read More
Very patient and experienced dancing coaches! I enjoy the music and atmosphere there. In general the experience is super relaxing, and l learnt to discover the other side of myself there! Highly recommend
Ilona Win
Ilona Win
Read More
Очень хорошие и терпеливые преподаватели. С пониманием относятся к студентам. Замечают ошибки и тщательно работаю над тем движением, которое не получается. (Translated by Google) Very good and patient teachers. They treat students with understanding. I notice mistakes and work carefully on the movement that does not work.
Nuria Ramirez
Nuria Ramirez
Read More
Shannon and Raj are very good professionals. I learnt a lot of Bachata in a short period of time. They are very patient and have great teaching skills. They are very warm and welcoming. I definitely recommend them for any level of Bachata and Salsa.

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