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Are you searching for the top Bachata dance lessons in Greens – Dubai? Then you’re at the right spot! The spot is the VR Dance World in Greens, Dubai. The art of learning how to perform the Bachata Dance form is more than just learning footwork and musicality.

Shan & Raj follow a systematic method of teaching right from the beginning. Within the first month, you’ll be able to dance the steps of a beginner at ease and with comfort, and most importantly, independently.

We offer Group and Private Classes. You can book a short Free Consultancy session  with Shan & Raj to discuss in details too.


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Levels of Bachata Dance Classes in Greens - Dubai

There are 4 levels of batches for Bachata dance classes at VR Dance World

Instructor for Sensual Bachata Dance Classes

Rajeswari Vaidyanathan is a passionate teacher who not only enjoys and loves dancing, but is aware of the needs for her students. Her priority is to make a person who is non-dancer to an accomplished dancer through the understanding of footwork, musicality as well as lead and follow. Her instruction is based on conceptualization and basic principles, which allows students to unlock their full potential.

Schedule for Bachata Dance Classes in Greens - Dubai

4-Week Bachata Dance Courses schedule are as follows:-

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It is surprising that the steps of Cha-cha and Bachata dances are closely linked, which is why if you’re already an experienced Cha-Cha dancer, it will be a breeze to pick up an idea and begin to learn Bachata moves.

Bachata is a global hit due to its effortless movement and positive energy that people usually experience when they dance. Alongside the dance, there’s also a music style called Bachata which is why you should never mistake it for something different.

Dancing Bachata offers the joy of dancing, a great exercise and just a sense of the freedom! Because it’s a dance for socialization, Bachata lets you modify the style of dancing directly to your personal style and the person you are dancing with. In essence, you are able to dance with everyone in the room, making up your own dance moves and showing your personality.

The ability to master the basic elements of Bachata is enough to be able to dance comfortably dancing on the dance floor at any Latin American party. Bachata isn’t a limitation to steps or the choice of partner.

No matter what age you’re at it’s only what is important is your dance itself. So, give it at least a month and you’ll soon be dancing with the well-known Bachata steps!

In our classes in Greens – Dubai we teach different Bachata Dance Styles like Western Traditional, Bachatango, Modern/Moderna, Sensual Bachata and Ballroom style. You can start learning Bachata from our Beginners level batch and end up to the advance level.


Smooth and captivating melodies of Bachata create a romantic ambience that the whole dance is encased in. Bachata is danced close to the dancer or at a distance. If you don’t have a dance partner. There is no problem with dancing it.

You are able to make a partner in the class since there are lots of students that don’t have partners. This means that you do not have to be concerned about dance partners.

Why join our Bachata Dance classes?

Our regular Bachata Class are designed on an organized choreography and dance program that will take you from beginner up to improving level and then to intermediate and up to advanced levels with practical and realistic timeframe and gives you the confidence needed to dance the enjoyable and best partner dance on the dancefloor.

Your dedication to the dance lessons will be reflected on the speed of your dancing and you’ll feel happy with your style, dance moves and footwork, as well as your body coordination to Bachata music.

Frequently Asked Questions

If an adult is learning Bachata Dance daily for 2 hours, then it takes approximately four to five years  becoming an experienced and professional Bachata Dancer.

Bachata is a dance that originated from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. The fundamental dance routine is performed in a full 8-count moving within a square, consisting of three steps and then a tap or various forms of step syncopations (such as the “double step“).

6 Basic Steps of Bachata Dance
  • Forward & Back in Place.
  • Forward and Back Progressive.
  • Forward and Back Progressive Pass.
  • Box Step.
  • Diagonal Box Step.
  • Triple Step or Cha Cha.

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Nick Bueckle
Nick Bueckle
Read More
We’re now 2 sessions in and made More Progress than I would’ve expected. Shannon & Raj are giving their best to help us improve. We’re always excited to join the classes because it’s a lot of fun! I can only recommend to do this...the value you’re getting here is amazing and you can truly feel that they want you to see make fast progress! Love it! 5 starts!!! 🙂
Sam Fold
Sam Fold
Read More
Shannon and Raj are both super lovely people and great teachers. I’ve only been learning with them for a short time and feel like I’ve improved a lot in that period. I was slightly hesitant at first but they made me feel comfortable and now I feel much more confident. The classes are fun and we always end up having a laugh and I look forward to my lessons. Recommended!
Jing Li
Jing Li
Read More
Very patient and experienced dancing coaches! I enjoy the music and atmosphere there. In general the experience is super relaxing, and l learnt to discover the other side of myself there! Highly recommend
Ilona Win
Ilona Win
Read More
Очень хорошие и терпеливые преподаватели. С пониманием относятся к студентам. Замечают ошибки и тщательно работаю над тем движением, которое не получается. (Translated by Google) Very good and patient teachers. They treat students with understanding. I notice mistakes and work carefully on the movement that does not work.
Nuria Ramirez
Nuria Ramirez
Read More
Shannon and Raj are very good professionals. I learnt a lot of Bachata in a short period of time. They are very patient and have great teaching skills. They are very warm and welcoming. I definitely recommend them for any level of Bachata and Salsa.

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