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Are your kids looking to learn to dance? Or are you searching for the Best Dance Classes in Dubai? In that case VR Dance World with Shan & Raj is the best option for Kids Dance Classes in Dubai. 

It is a art of performing using carefully chosen sequences. It’s a way to express the self that is within. We believe that the earlier you begin, the better the chance for the child to develop into an expressive, confident and gifted individual.

At VR Dance World children will be taught different styles including Ballet through Hip Hop, Jazz of course the Latin form of dance. They’ll also appreciate the atmosphere and the tradition which the VR Dance World inherits.

in Latin Ballroom dance forms, VR Dance World works in preparing the child for dance.

  • to compete and perform on local and international platforms.
  • Body strength ( as its an athletic dance form)
  • Improves the posture which prevents lower back and other issues at an older age.
  • Builds Confidence & Positivity in a once reserved child

VR Dance World teaches the 5 Latin forms 1) Jive 2) Rumba 3) Samba 4) Cha Cha 5) Paso Doble . It is a process oriented teaching.

We teach

A) The UK syllabus for footwork starting from Pre Bronze 

b) The mechanics, dynamics and the techniques for changing the quality of dancing.

VR Dance World has highly skilled dance instructors who have been Dancesport competitors. They make kids feel comfortable , and learning experience is fun and easy.

Contact us NOW on +971 556832395 to book.


Types Of Dance Styles Kids Will Learn At VR Dance World

VR Dance World is the best Kids Dance Classes in Greens – Dubai which has a various dance styles for kids to learn and enjoy the essence of Dance.

Things Kids Will Learn At VR Dance World:

There are many things which kids will learn at VR Dance World to build their character in the Kids Dance Classes in Greens – Dubai.

5 Reasons For Why To Join Kids Dance Classes in Dubai at VR Dance World:

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Best Dance Classes In Dubai
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VR Dance World has many reasons to join Kids Dance Classes in Dubai. However, these five reasons will provide you with the best mix of reasons, the importance of dance for children and the reasons VR Dance World can be the Best choice for Kids Dance Classes at Greens-Dubai.

1. Dancing is a Stress Buster

Dance is a physical representation of what music is saying. It’s a great way to release your energy to let your inhibitions go and let your emotions out. Good music, good dancing can be a fantastic method to get into an optimistic state of mind.

The way of teaching that is taught at the VR Dance World is interactive, ensuring that learning is easy and enjoyable. This is the main benefits to health for kids since dancing aligns the mind, body, and spirit.

2. Dancing Helps to Develop Personality in Kids

Dance is an excellent pastime for children. In VR Dance World kids can learn, have fun and get fit all at the same time.

Each class is designed to help students develop their skills to build confidence, focus, concentration, positive thinking discipline and posture. Thus, each child at VR Dance World is given the same attention as all other children.

3. Dancing helps to Build Friendships

Classes in dance can build friendships that last a long time that go beyond the children but also with parents. Making friends, working together and encouraging one another can be a wonderful way to create new bonds of friendship that can last for an extended period of time.

VR Dance World is an excellent location to meet new friends who may not be in the same school or even the same age , to begin building an exciting friendship group.

4. Dancing Helps to Boost Confidence

Dancing can naturally increase a child’s confidence in their abilities to tackle the task by themselves and accomplish it well. VR Dance World teaches the youngsters to increase their confidence levels to ensure that they are ready onto the stage, they can overcome the nervousness, also it will allow them to increase their confidence levels.

5. Dancing is great for Encouraging Self Expression

The main difference between dance and other physical activities such as sports is the ability to express yourself. Dance allows children to express their emotions and energy in a safe environment. The VR Dance World allows them to explore every emotion, from sadness to joy, anger to feelings of love. For Kids who are still exploring the depths and range of human emotions.


  1. How old should my Child be before joining Kids Dance Classes?
    The majority of children have enough motor skills by age 2-3. However, the fact that maturation is equally important.
  2. Which dance form is best suited to kids?
    What sort of music does your kid listen to at your home? Most kids are drawn to music they’ve watched or heard on television and can aid in your choice. The most popular choices are jazz, ballet or hip hop, and/or tap.
  3. Should my child take private lessons?
    Sure, but many studios encourage group classes, as these offer opportunities to learn team-building skills and make new friends. Personally, we recommend private lessons for serious dancers only.


 Do not waste time looking on the internet for Kids Dance classes in Greens, Dubai visit VR Dance World and enjoy the benefits of a variety of styles of dance that your children will love and build character of their own.

Any Indivudual even Adults who are looking for the best dance classes in Greens, Dubai to learn the fusion of dance styles then VR Dance World is the best place to learn dance. 

VR Dance World is expertise in all forms of dance styles and it has excellent choreographers for Kids Dance Classes in Dubai. So bring your kids to VR Dance World and flourish them with great personality and enthusiasm and also adopt the Eco Friendly behavior of VR Dance World for Kids Dance Classes in Dubai.

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Nick Bueckle
Nick Bueckle
Read More
We’re now 2 sessions in and made More Progress than I would’ve expected. Shannon & Raj are giving their best to help us improve. We’re always excited to join the classes because it’s a lot of fun! I can only recommend to do this...the value you’re getting here is amazing and you can truly feel that they want you to see make fast progress! Love it! 5 starts!!! 🙂
Sam Fold
Sam Fold
Read More
Shannon and Raj are both super lovely people and great teachers. I’ve only been learning with them for a short time and feel like I’ve improved a lot in that period. I was slightly hesitant at first but they made me feel comfortable and now I feel much more confident. The classes are fun and we always end up having a laugh and I look forward to my lessons. Recommended!
Jing Li
Jing Li
Read More
Very patient and experienced dancing coaches! I enjoy the music and atmosphere there. In general the experience is super relaxing, and l learnt to discover the other side of myself there! Highly recommend
Ilona Win
Ilona Win
Read More
Очень хорошие и терпеливые преподаватели. С пониманием относятся к студентам. Замечают ошибки и тщательно работаю над тем движением, которое не получается. (Translated by Google) Very good and patient teachers. They treat students with understanding. I notice mistakes and work carefully on the movement that does not work.
Nuria Ramirez
Nuria Ramirez
Read More
Shannon and Raj are very good professionals. I learnt a lot of Bachata in a short period of time. They are very patient and have great teaching skills. They are very warm and welcoming. I definitely recommend them for any level of Bachata and Salsa.

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